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Welcome to my virtual practice.

I focus on narratives and habits with clients to optimize decision-making, focus on strengths, tap into and explore vulnerabilities, to live more intentionally.

What to expect

While my work comes from a variety of frameworks including a trauma-focused approach to ACT, Narrative Therapy, CBT, REBT, and Parts-Work, our sessions would be based on your unique preferences and needs. My areas of interest are self-esteem, anxiety, depression, self-awareness and growth, trauma, and stress.


We will focus on self-awareness and move beyond symptom relief. We will get to the root of your difficulties to ensure sustainable change. I will help you to get to know yourself, foster the relationship you'd like to have with yourself and others and address outgrown and unhelpful habits that may be holding you back.

Individual Psychotherapy (Norway)

50, 90, or 120 - minute sessions 

In Norway, I am happy to support you virtually as well! In person depending on area. 

Lower-Cost Therapy

Accessible care is important at Hygge & Co.

Student rates & Sliding scale rates available in Norway based on need & A time-limited basis.
Reach out today!

Individual Psychotherapy (Ontario)

50, 90, or 120 minute sessions 

I am happy to support you in an individual psychotherapy session. Let's explore your needs, wants, and therapeutic goals. 

30 minute check-in sessions

For brief progress, updates, and general check-ins between therapy sessions if a whole hour isn't what you need right now. 

Get in touch

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