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How Hygge & Co. Came to be

For the gratitude, feeling of contentment, and all the good things that can follow​​

I have lived in both Norway and Canada over the last 3 years, and I have learned a lot.

Norwegians are do-ers, they focus on the present, and enjoy the moment. They are excellent at it. Work-life balance is optimized, and the outdoors is a part of one's everyday routine. 


I embody Hygge & Co. In my practice by supporting you in embracing your vulnerabilities, and adding simplicity to your mindset via gratitude & Positive psychology.


Healing trauma, difficulties with depression, self-esteem, and anxiety. I support you by holding space for you to process these challenges and build skills to build your resilience and self-awareness. 

Narratives & Habits - how we live our lives on auto-pilot

The stories we live by that influence how we interpret the world, relationships, others, and ourselves, can be holding us back or causing problems in our lives.

Let's rework your perspective to get you closer to your dream life, lighten your emotional and mental load, and optimize your mind, and the world around you, as a result. 

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My Approach

Food & Mood - our gut, hormones, and mental health

The science shows that our diet, the gut-brain axis, and our hormones impacts our mental health and well-being, no question about it.


We see difficulties like anxiety, depression, personality disorders improve when our diet and relationship with wholesome, consistent meals, become prioritized. 

We can re-evaluate how you're eating, how you approach it, and how it may be changed for the better!

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